Neuro-Training with Kinesiology Practitioner,

based in Elwood

You are already perfect for what you are here to achieve.
The challenge is to find and release those things that are stopping you from expressing that perfection.

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Neuro-Training with Kinesiology combines Western techniques and Eastern philosophy with the healing arts, using the latest research in Neuro-Science and Neuro-Plasticity to…

Identify the cause of your symptoms and the things stopping you from living your highest potential.
This information is obtained directly from your nervous system, using muscle monitoring techniques…

And then provide your nervous and other systems with educational and recuperative tools and training specifically tailored to what you need, in the specific order that you need them.

“I went to see Vanessa because I was feeling stressed at work and within my personal relationships.  I found her to be authentic and passionate, which made me feel comfortable and supported from the outset. As a result of my sessions, I am able to respond to stressful situations a lot more calmly than I used to.  The work I have done with Vanessa has left me feeling freer, more positive and with a sense that I can achieve whatever I want.”
- Kelly, 46, South Yarra
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What can Neuro-Training with Kinesiology help with?

Because we work directly with what your nervous system tells us is your priority, the benefits of Neuro-Training with Kinesiology are as far reaching as the contexts within which your imbalances formed in the first place. Examples include…

  • Recuperate from what is causing your symptoms
  • Lower stress levels, release trauma, let go of past conditioning and regulate your nervous system
  • Recuperation from anxiety or depression
  • Improved energy levels, better sleep
  • Address nutritional, hormonal and energetic imbalances
  • Let go of fears and conflicting beliefs
  • Recuperate from pain – physical, emotional or mental
  • Clear toxins from your body
  • Adapt to change in any area of life
  • Freedom from allergies
  • Overcome learning difficulties
  • Integrate brain functions and intelligences
  • Release unwanted physical body habits and addictions
  • Remove limitations to clear thinking and positivity
  • Find direction and clarity to build the future you want
  • Become the best version of yourself you can be

We all have an innate ability to heal and recuperate. Yet we all arrived where we are today based on our own unique experiences of life. Neuro-Training with Kinesiology allows us to identify and unpick those parts of your life’s tapestry that have been problematic and to sew those parts anew using options that serve you better.

“Since having a bad car accident, I tried lots of modalities for managing chronic pain in my neck and back, and whilst these provided temporary relief, I found the pain would return a few days later. Vanessa found the priority focus for our sessions was anxiety around the accident itself. And sure enough, I walked away with no pain in my neck or back. Vanessa has a calm presence and she has the ability to get to the core of the issue in a gentle manner. She clearly has a natural talent and is a very empathic person.”
- Marian, 34, Caulfield North
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You don’t have to continue living from the same old script