Intuitive Guidance Practitioner, based in Elwood

What is intuitive guidance?

I am a mental telepath, an empath and I am claircognizant.  Information flows through me for you to help guide you on your path

  • I am a mental telepath – I pick up on thought energy of others
  • I am clairsentient – I am an empath – this means I have the ability to receive vibrations of energy from other people, places, things or environments
  • I am claircognizant – this means that I just know things.  I don’t know how I know, but I know

In combination, these intuitive gifts allow me to tune in and receive intuitive guidance for you from spirit

How might intuitive guidance help me?

Receiving intuitive guidance can help you to move forward to do and be what you are here to do and be – to make the most of your life

This might look like understanding the next steps to take, given your circumstances, if you are feeling stuck

How can I receive intuitive guidance?

Intuitive guidance arises as and when it arises during a Neuro-Training with Kinesiology session.  Some sessions may involve mainly intuitive guidance.  I pass this onto you in a digestible and actionable format as and when it arises during a session.

You don’t have to continue living from the same old script

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