Teacher of Empaths and Intuitives, based in Mount Evelyn

For those of you with intuitive gifts, I have a deep understanding of the importance of learning how to manage your own energy.

Particularly if you identify with being a sensitive, an empath, a clair or otherwise intuitively gifted, please do reach out if you would like to learn more about and better understand how to work with and to feel empowered by these gifts.

I support empaths and other intuitives to fully step into their gifts and to shine their light in the world.

Being an empath or other intuitive is a really special gift

However… it can feel more like a curse when you haven’t yet learned how to manage your own energy or to clear your own energy field…

Or how to set and hold boundaries…

Or to not feel compelled to people please, at the expense of yourself…

I teach empaths and intuitives

  • how they can feel more empowered and less at the whim of the ‘other people’s energies’ around them
  • how to understand and work with their gifts
  • About the need for self-care
  • Rituals for clearing your energy field
  • How to set and hold boundaries
  • How to keep other people’s energies out of your energy field in the first place

You are here to shine your light!

I work with you to remove that which prevents you from shining your light

How can you work with me?

Work with me one on one - book a Neuro-Training with Kinesiology session

Attend one of my workshops – see here for further information

Attending a workshop specifically for empaths and sensitives connects you with other like-hearted individuals.

This provides a safe space to feel seen, heard and understood, which can help address the issue that many empaths and other sensitives face of not feeling like they fit in with others.

You don’t have to continue living from the same old script

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