Reiki Master and Intuitive Energy Healer, based in Elwood

What is Reiki healing?

Reiki Ryoho is a form of holistic energy healing that was developed by Mikao Usui from Japan.

Energy can stagnate in the body where there has been physical injury or emotional or mental pain.
In time, these energy blocks can cause illness.

Reiki is based on the idea that an unseen life force flows through all living things and that this life force can be harnessed to promote healing.

As a reiki master practitioner I channel this life force energy through my hands.
I move my hands gently just above or on the client’s fully clothed body, with the intention of reducing stress and promoting healing by encouraging a healthy flow of energy through the energy centres or Chakras. In this way, Chakra balancing and healing can be achieved.

The outcome of a reiki session can be to promote relaxation, reduce stress, let go of old energetic blockages and boost the body's natural ability to heal itself.

What is intuitive energy healing?

As well as channeling universal life force energy, I also channel angelic energy to allow holistic healing to occur via the angelic realm.

I have been working with angelic energy daily since 2004 and find angelic energy to be a very potent and powerful healing energy.

Angelic energy flows through me to where it is needed by you to move through or pull out old, stuck energy that has gathered in and around your energy field.

Intuitive energy work incorporates the use of my hands on or above your fully clothed body, and can also include breathwork, the use of vibration, sound, crystals and guided visualisations to clear energetic blockages.

Intuitive energy work can help you to feel lighter and clearer and to promote a healthy flow of energy through your energy field.

How might you feel after a session?

Clearing out old energy from in and around the energy body can help us to feel deeply relaxed, less stressed, more free and less stuck.  It can also assist to reduce pain.  And to breathe more easily.

Clients often report feeling a general sense of profound wellbeing and lightness after a session.

What options are available for you to receive Reiki and intuitive energy work?

I incorporate Reiki and intuitive energy work into sessions in two ways…

  • Book a Reiki and intuitive energy work session
  • This session focuses purely on the energetic body and moving old, stuck energy.
  • A session goes for 60 minutes, including a brief discussion before and after your time on the table.


  • Book a Neuro-Training with Kinesiology session
  • This session has a broader focus as we will touch directly on mental, emotional and physical contexts in addition to working with the energetic body.
  • An initial session goes for 80 minutes and follow up sessions 70 minutes
  • See the Kinesiology page for more detailed information.

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