Hi, I'm Vanessa.

I know what it’s like to be really sick.  Stuck.  Depressed.  Anxious.  In all sorts of pain.  I was diagnosed with a host of illnesses in my late twenties as a result of childhood trauma.  I was a very sick girl and unexpectedly found myself in a fight for my life…

In my search for health, I turned to various natural healing modalities, having found limited success from the more traditional medical model approach. This time in my life, whilst excruciatingly challenging, also highlighted some of my greatest gifts – courage, determination, a strong desire to help others, along with empathic and claircognizant gifts.  With help, I walked back through rooms inside of myself that were filled with the most hideous monsters… until finally, many years later, I got to the door on the other side of it all and found peace.

I know not everyone goes on to experience the well-adjusted, happy and fulfilling life I do today after being as unwell as I was.  I’m so grateful to have made the complete recovery I have, and I feel compelled now to help others feel better too.

That’s why I’d like to help you!

Had I found Neuro-Training with Kinesiology in my late twenties, I would have returned to health a lot sooner than I did.  It’s an amazing modality that truly can create lasting change if you’re willing to put some work in. When I found it, I had to learn it. When I learnt it, I had to share it with you so that you can return to health more quickly too.

I am a member of the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists.

“Vanessa is a warm and welcoming person with an amazing energy. She managed to make me feel comfortable and safe immediately. She created an environment of trust in which I could open up and let her help me heal, asking the right questions, focusing energy on emotions that are difficult to deal with or that I wasn’t even conscious of. I walked out of her session feeling stronger, energised and with a much more positive outlook!”
Annina – 35, St Kilda
“I came to Vanessa with a bad case of vertigo, to the point where I was constantly nauseous. She focused on what was causing it and was understanding of the discomfort I was in. During the session my head cleared and I walked away feeling better than I had in a week.”
Helen, 43, Caulfield South
“When I first worked with Vanessa, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Yet through her calm demeanour and helpful guidance, she was able to help lift some deeply entrenched fears I had around myself and my potential.”
Luke, 37, Elwood
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