Distance Sessions

“Everything is energy...”


Whether Einstein actually said this or not is debatable.  Regardless, the truth of that statement is universal law and underpins why remote or distance sessions are just as effective as face to face sessions.  

Neuro-Training with Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring techniques to obtain relevant information about you directly from your nervous system.  And then applies various tools based on that information, to help you to feel better.

During a face to face session I use your muscles to find that information. In doing so, we create an energetic circuit between you and I that allows me to find information from your nervous system.

Distance sessions work in exactly the same way except that instead of using your muscles directly, I use my own muscles as a surrogate for yours.  I am working with your energy in the same way whether or not we are physically present together.  This works because the circuits I work with are energetic in nature. And energy is not limited by time or space.

During a distance session, once I’ve found the relevant information from your nervous system using muscle monitoring, I will share that information with you and then go on to provide your nervous with the alternate options it needs to help you to respond better and to release the things that are keeping you feeling stuck.  Often I will ask you to participate in this part of the process – for example I might ask you to hold or rub certain points on your body as I do the same, or I might ask you to feel into a particular emotion in order for you to release it.

I have worked with many clients remotely, particularly in recent times where that has been the only option available.  The sessions are either by phone or Zoom. The feedback I have received is that the sessions have really helped my clients to feel better and to cope better with the things that have been going on for them. To be able to move forward with greater ease, and to look after themselves better.  

Releasing stuck energy and fear during these times is so important for us to hold our sense of balance. A distance session can be a very beneficial way to help you do this.

You don’t have to continue living from the same old script