Intuitive Energy Healing Work

Old energy can become stuck in and around the body.  It is so beneficial for us to let go of and clear out old stuck energy if we want to truly thrive in life.


Clearing out old stuck energy from in and around the energy body can help us to feel more free, less resistant to letting go of things from our past that no longer serve us, and to feel closer to our true selves and what we are here to achieve.


Energy healing work is a very powerful way to allow us to shed some of the old layers we’ve been carrying around, but no longer need.  When I say old layers, I mean the various combination of ways in which our energy body either went into contraction or became too open, as a result of the various experiences we had in our lives.  Just as our mental mind is impacted by the patterning and scripting from our early years, so too is the energy body.  


Anybody can benefit from having their energy body cleared and balanced, however clients who have experienced trauma, particularly in their young lives, have reported enormous benefits from this work.  If you’re feeling stuck but unable to get to the bottom of why, it's likely you will benefit from intuitive energy healing work as part of your Neuro-Training with Kinesiology session.

I incorporate intuitive energy work into your Neuro-Training with Kinesiology session as and when it shows, via muscle testing, as being the most beneficial option for you.  Frequently this comes up when working with a client’s emotional patterns, however it could also come up at any time during the session.  


This can be deep and very powerful work and sometimes there can be a number of emotions that need to be expressed as part of the process of clearing blockages in the energy system. Having a support network around you is beneficial to any personal growth undertaking, and that is true of energy work as well.  


Clients have reported feeling a sense of lightness about themselves as a result of the energy work they’ve done in a session.  One client likened the feeling as one that brought a sense of great relief, like a weight has fallen away from them. Others have reported shifts in various areas of life such as their belief systems and a reframing of their perceptions around various life experiences.  


I am clairsentient (an empath) and claircognizant and have been working with the energy body my whole life.  

I also have a deep understanding of the importance for those of you with intuitive gifts to learn how to manage your own energy.  Particularly if you identify with being a sensitive, an empath, a clair or otherwise intuitively gifted, please do reach out if you would like to learn more about and better understand how to work with and to feel empowered by these gifts.

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